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Here Is How Alex Albon’s Move To Red Bull’s F1 Senior Team Happened

Alex Albon
Marc Alvarado [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Alex Albon has been promoted to Red Bull to replace Pierre Gasly, and his move has happened due to a number of interesting circumstances that involve his development as a driver. There are many people who would like to see an inside look at how F1 works, and this situation provides the perfect backdrop to explain how technology makes Formula One so interesting. Read more to learn how Alex Albon could become the next big star in F1 because of technology and advancements in car construction.

Red Bull Needed A Better Driver
Red Bull needed a better driver because Pierre Gasly was not living up to expectations by driving on the senior team. They knew that they had Albon at Toro Rosso, and he has had many good runs this season by making it to Q3 more than once, competing in each race, and becoming more of a household name with F1 fans. By sending Pierre Gasly back to Toro Rosso, he can continue to develop while Albon gets a chance in the senior car.

The Cars Are Improving
When Alex moved to Red Bull he was thrown into a team with a superior car, more resources, and more support. Because of this, he was driving a car that was technologically ahead of the car he was riding at Toro Rosso. Because of this, Alex Albon has a chance to drive even better than he was at Toro Rosso.

Red Bull Is Catching Up To Ferrari And Mercedes
Ferrari and Mercedes have dominated the sport for the last six or seven years, and these teams has the most advanced technology. Because these teams have set the market for technology in F1, teams like Red Bull need to improve. They have used better software and an improved onboard computer to ensure their car will be efficient, fast, and handle well.

The team uses technology to check how Albon will move from the brake to the throttle, and they can check their fuel efficiency, tire wear, and range. Plus, the team can give Albon more advice as he grows. Putting Albon in the middle of a technical revolution at Red Bull could turn him in a championship-level driver. He will learn from the technology that is used to manage his car, and he will likely feel the difference in the car when he is ready to out-brake Lewis Hamilton or pass Sebastian Vettel.

They Needed Someone To Run With Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen has won races in a field populated by Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel who have won nine championships between them. Because he is so competitive, he needs a more competitive driver to push him. If you look at the Mercedes team, that is why both Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton were successful. They were pushing each other. As those drivers pushed each other, their team needed to improve.

Red Bull can do the same under boss Christian Horner because they now have two very competitive drivers on their senior team. This is a powerful statement about how the team can fight for championships in the next few years while Hamilton and Vettel come to the end of their careers.

Albon Needs To Know What To Expect
Every second that Alex Albon spends with the Red Bull team gets him ready for next season. He can learn all the information about the software that is used to manage the car, and he can learn about managing his own driving because he knows how the car works. He will be ready for testing ahead of the 2020 season, and he could begin the season qualifying in the top 10 because he will be ready for a car of this caliber. The move to Red Bull happened now because he needs to be groomed for the future. If Red Bull does not promote him now, he could leave and drive for another team like Mercedes.

What Should We Expect From Albon?
Alex Albon can expect to have a much better season because he is driving a powerful car that is maintained by a software system that was tested by the best in the industry. It is very interesting to watch Albon improve because he will be in a better car, with a better teammate, and driving among some of the best drivers in the history of the sport.

Alex Albon’s move to Red Bull is just one part of his development as a driver. He will be in a technologically-superior car that has the best software, the most power, and the plan for his races. Albon can likely qualify higher on the grid, and he will gain confidence that he can carry into the 2020 season.