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How to Reduce The Cost of Insurance for Your Sports Car


Sports car insurance is significantly costlier than regular car insurance, and rightly so. Sports cars use higher-end components and are costlier to obtain and maintain. Thus, insurers must prepare for high-value claims in the event of an accident, theft, or similar incident.

Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for the high insurance bill thrown your way or give up your fondness for sports cars. These tips can help you keep your sports car insurance low and manageable:

1. Find the right car.

Sports car insurance is expensive partly because of the rare and costly parts they sport. The make, model, horsepower, and year of manufacture are all contributory factors in the premium calculation. Making tweaks to your car’s engine and performance can lower your premiums and reduce the long-term cost of car ownership is one way to reduce your bill.

Even better, you can go for a car that is less prone to risks or whose parts are cheap and readily available. New-model sports cars may be costlier than models that have been around for longer periods.

For used cars, pay attention to these features before making your purchase.

2. Find a good insurer.

Insurers calculate their premiums differently, but there is no ultimate cheap option for all car types. To find the most affordable sports car insurance, you have to shop around and perform in-depth scrutiny of the various calculation criteria used by different companies.

In your search, you may find little-known regional companies offering lower rates than the popular insurance behemoths, so don’t just settle for the first option that pops up in your search. Ask about your candidates’ discount policies and identify the ones with the most appropriate options. Various insurance discounts are offered to car owners who meet specific conditions.

3. Change who can drive your sports car

For most insurers, the number of drivers on a car owner’s policy impacts the cost of insurance for that car. The fewer the drivers, the lower the insurance will be.

Also, keep in mind that younger drivers are considered high-risk and will likely attract higher insurance rates. If you have a younger family member that is not a regular user of your sports car, consider excluding them from your policy.

4. Equip your car with safety features

Anti-theft alarm systems, airbags, and anti-theft brakes are all vital safety features that can reduce your car insurance cost. Note that insurers base insurance premiums on the cost of obtaining and repairing the car and the likelihood of the vehicle causing an accident or being stolen.

Installing an anti-theft alarm system and an airbag reduces the risk of theft and severe injuries in case of an accident. A good insurance company will factor these in and potentially lower your premium amounts.


Sports car insurance is pretty different from regular passenger car insurance, at least from a cost standpoint. Sports cars are believed to be more prone to theft and accidents, meaning insurers are more likely to receive compensation claims from sports car owners than regular car owners. If you own a sports car, the above tips will help you keep insurance costs to a minimum.