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Jimmy Clark
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Jimmy Clark
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Jimmy ClarkChapman & Clark

Chapman & ClarkChapman, Innes Ireland, Clark and Alan Stacey - Zandvoort 1960

Jimmy Clark

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"When Jimmy won in 1965, it was $150 for each lap you led on. He led for 190 of 200 laps. Jimmy never talked about money but he was so enchanted by this idea. He said, "It was so funny, I was like a cash register. I kept going
around thinking, click, click, $150, $150"

Walter Hayes, former head of public affairs at Ford of Britain, discussing Clark's win at Indianapolis

"To most of the people who new him and raced against him, the theory of driver error is unthinkable, no matter what facts emerge". Clark was just that good.

From Jim Clark; Portrait of a Great Driver by Graham Gauld concerning Clark's fatal crash at Hockenheim

"If it could happen to him, what chance did the rest of us have? I think we all felt that. It seemed like we'd lost our leader."

Chris Amon, on hearing of Clark's death in a crash at Hockenheim in 1968.

"Clark came through at the end of the first lap of the race so far ahead that we in the pits were convinced that the rest of the field must have been wiped out in an accident."

Eddie Dennis, describing the dominance of Jimmy Clark in the Lotus 49 at Spa-Francorchamps - 1967.