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Most dramatic Formula One races in History

Formula One is among the most glamorous and intriguing sports in the world. The sport has delivered many incredible moments, and punters can wager on the races. As such, you can use the Bet calculator to convert your odds as you wait for another astonishing moment to happen. All bet types and odd formats are available.

Here are some of the most memorable moments in the history of formula one racing.

1. Singapore Night Grand Prix 2008

2008 Singapore GPThe Singapore Grand Prix marked the new era of formula one when Bernie Ecclestone was fulfilling his dream of world domination. He was also looking forward to opening up new markets while still trying to ensure that he maintained a stream of revenue from a TV broadcast in formula one home markets.

The inaugural race had its drama with Frananod Alonso’s victory overshadowed with allegations that Jr deliberately crashed his car to hand over the win to Alonso. The events saw Flavio Brattore leave the sport in disgrace.

2. Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost Get Together, Suzuka 1989

There had been a lot of rivalry between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. Even if the rivalry is a good thing in sports due to competition, sometimes they can go overboard.

In the 1989 season at Suzuka, Senna was doing anything possible to retain any chance at the championship. However, the two collided when Senna tried to overtake, and Prost slammed the door, causing the cars to interlock wheels and cause damage to Senna’s car. Prost took out the championship and then left the team.

Senna returned the favor in the following year, where he deliberately rammed onto a Ferrari driver to claim the title. Despite the win, the most significant factor is the sight of the two locked together in their McLarens.

3. US Grand Prix 2005

The 2005 US Grand Prix was one of the most bizarre events in the history of formula one racing. A total of 20 cars were to be in the lineup for the race, though only six cars were on the starting grid on the Sunday of June 19. The bizarre sequence of events nearly drove formula one out of the US for good.

The series of events was caused by the tire manufacturing industry Michelin when they admitted that they could not provide safe tires for the race. That was due to a series of tire failures. However, Michael Schumacher and Reubens Barrichello almost ended up taking each other out after the second pit stop, despite the fact that only six cars were racing.

4. Lewis Hamilton World Championship 2008

Heading into the race, Lewis Hamilton had a seven-point advantage of Felipe Massa.that meant that the Brazillian had to win the race and Hamilton to complete the race in the sixth or lower position for him to win the championship.

As it began to rain, with Hamilton holding to the sixth position, things got interesting. Everyone except Timo Glock pitted for the wet tires. Hamilton fell to the sixth position as he ran wide. Fortunately, the heavens opened up for Hamilton on the final lap. Hamilton passed Glock to secure the fifth position and the 2008 world drivers championship.