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Extreme Sailing with Red Bull

Felix BaumgartnerExtreme sports are activities perceived as involving a high degree of risk. These activities often involve speed, height, a high level of physical exertion using highly specialized gear. In extreme sports today the most visible sponsor, a sponsor nearly synonymous with the sports themselves, is Red Bull.

The energy drink company and its association with extreme sports have given it a certain cachet in the eyes of the younger generation, those most likely to participate or watch extreme sports. The brand's influence in extreme sports includes windsurfing, cliff diving, rock-climbing, Formula One and sailing.

In perhaps their most famous example of extreme sport, the Red Bull Stratos project saw Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner freefall 128 kilometers from the edge of space.

Currently one of the leading Formula One, Red Bull Racing took over from Jaguar F1 in 2004, completely rebranding the team. F1 being high octane sport, Red Bull fans feel the same sense of adrenaline with extreme sports.


Many of the sports that Red Bull sponsors are at or near the water. Hampton Yachts are synonymous with the cruising lifestyle. Strong, durable, and built to the highest construction standards, Hampton Yachts are not only capable but preferred for cruising long distances for weeks at a time.


2016 was the tenth year of elite level Stadium Racing for the Extreme Sailing Series™, in which the hydro-foiling GC32 catamaran made its debut, replacing the Extreme 40 catamaran.

Red Bull Extreme Sailing

Red Bull GC32 Boat

Red Bull G32 BoatThe GC32 is a 10m long (12m including bowsprit) by 6m wide foiling catamaran conceived by Laurent Lenne and designed by Dr Martin Fischer, currently Design Co-ordinator of the Challenger of Record for the 36th America’s Cup, Luna Rossa. GC32s are built in carbon fibre by Premier Composite Technologies in Dubai.

The GC32 is fitted with T-foil rudders and J-shaped daggerboards/foils, conceptually similar to those used on the America’s Cup catamarans, with adjustable rake on all appendages.

However a significant difference is that there are no hydraulics, no pedestals and no bicycles! Also unlike the AC50s, the GC32 features a more manageable, easier to trim soft-sail rig and has one design sails.

Length: 10,00m / 32ft 10in
Beam: 6,00m / 19ft 8in
Mast: 16,50m / 54ft 2in
Mainsail: 60m²
Jib: 23,5m²
Gennaker: 90m²
Top Speed: 39,21 kn / 72,6 km/h

The GC32 Racing Tour venues are chosen with the aim of providing optimum conditions for participants to get their foiling catamarans flying. America’s Cup-style courses are set that are large enough to provide a good racing experience for competitors and to enable the GC32s to achieve maximum speed.