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Everything You Need To Know About Vintage Motorbike Helmets

Vintage motorbikes helmets have their own charm. While most of the modern motorbike helmets are practical and comfortable, they are not as sleek as the vintage helmets. And we all know that bikers love to pull off that classic look. But is it still safe to use those helmets? And where you can get them. These helmets are still available out there, and there are models that are even safer. Let’s have a look at some interesting things that you must know if you are thinking of getting a vintage helmet.

Open Helmets & Half Helmets

Vintage motorcycle helmets are very strong, and they come in a shape that you could refer to as an open helmet or half helmet. They were available in full shape as well but they were not very popular and were very rare on the roads. One can argue that because of the open shapes, vintage helmets are less safe. While that might be true for many of the vintage helmets but they are strong as well. The different materials used to build those helmets were very reliable. The drawback of these helmets is that your face is not fully protected. Your chin and jaw will be exposed, and not only the dust will damage your skin, but the chances of getting a face injury will be very high for you during an accident.

But while some people see the disadvantages first, some prefer to look at the benefits. With half face helmet, you will get much better visibility of the road. Modern helmets that cover the full face are safer, but they can limit your vision. That is harmful! Especially for the people who are not used to wearing helmets. It also stops their necks from moving properly, which can sometimes cause pain as well. If you want to find a vintage or modern helmet that fits your needs, you should try this website. You can find helmets here in several different models and prices.

Don’t Get a Vintage Helmet That Does Not Meet Safety Standards

We all can agree that wearing a vintage helmet does make you a cool look and adds to your style. But do not just go online on a website and order a helmet that is several years old. Remember, the main purpose of wearing a helmet is not style, its protection. They are certainly cheaper and looks great on anyone, but they provide no safety. Make sure that you buy a helmet that has an approval mark from either SNELL, ECE or DOT. These are the approvals given by the Snell Memorial Foundation, Economic Commission, and the US Department of Transportation. Whether you buy from a shop or online, make sure that they still have the marked seal on them.

The reason you should get these approved helmets is that they were put in the market after they were tested. These organizations put the helmets through extreme testing, and you should not think twice before getting one with the approval.