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A short history of the Grand Prix of Monaco

The legend continues

All Grand Prix fans are still asking themselves the question today: how can a car race take place on a circuit laid out in the middle of a city, as is the case in Monaco?

To answer this question, you have to look in the rear-view mirror and go back to... 1928. It is indeed on this date that the Automobile Club de Monaco obtained its admission to the International Association of Recognised Automobile Clubs. Anthony Noghès wants to seal this admission by organising a prestigious race in Monaco. The organisational obstacles are numerous, starting with the geography of the Principality, which does not lend itself well to the exercise. And who says obstacle says cost: such an organisation is expensive!

Very opportunely, the Société des Bains de Mer responds present and offers its precious financing, so that the race organization ignores all obstacles: in 1929, only four days before the start of the race, the circuit in town is ready!

On Sunday, April 14, 1929, sixteen runners are there, representing eight nations, ready to do the one hundred laps of the circuit representing the 318 km of the race. Bugatti triumphed, with an average speed of over 80 km/hour.

Following the success of this first edition, the 1930 race welcomed new participants. On Sunday, April 6, 1930, 50,000 spectators literally stormed into Monaco: bars and restaurants were caught off guard in front of such a large crowd, leaving the crowd hungry and thirsty!

Until the war, the race takes off and confirms its success year after year. For ten years, however, the race is interrupted, during the world conflict and in the first years afterwards. In 1948, Monaco resumed its Grand Prix, which resounded in the 1950s in the names of Fangio and Maurice Trintignant...

In the 60s and 70s, Jacky Stewart or Jean-Pierre Beltoise took over, then Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna or Ricardo Patrese in the 80s. The Monaco Grand Prix of 1965 remains in the annals. Won by Graham Hill, for the third consecutive time, it also remains known for the most impressive image of Paul Hawkins whose car plunged into the harbour! In the 90s, the Grand Prix saw the undivided reign of Schumacher.

Today, the Monaco Grand Prix still cultivates its difference, as it did in 1928: its circuit in the city continues to delight television viewers around the world. As for the more than 100,000 spectators who flock to Monaco every year for the race, they are better served than in 1928: bars and restaurants are no longer taken by surprise and there is food and drink for everyone!

For its 70th season, the F1 world championship is extending the walls and offers a calendar record breaking of 22 Grands Prix! After 21 races in 2019, there will be one more round on the programme in 2020, with no big surprises. Indeed, while F1 confirmed the maintenance of Spain for one year in August, as well as the arrival of a race in the streets of Hanoi and the return of Zandvoort to surf on the popularity of Max Verstappen in recent months, the hypothesis of a 22-race calendar has gained some substance before being confirmed in due form the same month.

Monaco Grand Prix
By Steve Gregory from Bradley Stoke, UK - Monaco 96, CC BY 2.0, Link

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