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How Lewis Hamilton Will Put Himself in the History Books

Lewis Hamilton
Jake Archibald from London, England [CC BY 2.0]

There is little doubt that Lewis Hamilton is the greatest driver to come out of the UK but he is still a shade behind the true great in Michael Schumacher in terms of how the history books will remember him. With that being said the Mercedes driver is in the form of his career and has just lifted an incredible 6th World Championship. If you want to do some online betting for the next season of Formula 1 then I’d urge you to forget about youngsters Leclerc and Verstappen, and put your money on Lewis Hamilton winning again, and cementing his legendary status, and here is where he can beat Schumacher.

World Drivers Championships

When Michael Schumacher lifted his 7th World Championship, it was suggested that there is no way that it could be done again. Back in 2004 Lewis hadn’t even made his F1 debut, let alone managed to win a single championship. Fast forward 15 years and here he is on the verge of matching that incredible number of wins, and given that he is in the best form, and in the best car, we see no reason why he can’t go on to match just what the German did back in 2004.

Grand Prix Wins

A record which Hamilton can certainly take off Schumacher’s hands is the number of Grand Prix victories that he has had. Currently Hamilton has 83 to is name compared with Schumacher’s 91, and there is still some more time in this season for Lewis to catch up. Hamilton will beat Schumacher in terms of Grand Prix wins and if we were to put things in perspective to show just how great an achievement this will be, both Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna’s combined GP wins are 92, one more than what Michael did, and arguably less than what Hamilton will do.

Same GP Wins

The German set the record for the most wins at a single race track when he won his 8th French GP of his career, another remarkable achievement which many thought wasn’t possible. Hamilton is currently on 7 for both Canada and Hungary, and next season he may very well get to 8 on each track, a truly incredible achievement for the Brit.

Wins in Consecutive Seasons

Only the very best in the race world are able to win in consecutive seasons and even some of the legends of the sport have not been ale to keep up with this consistency. Schumacher won at least one GP for 15 seasons in a row, and Hamilton is currently on 13. The idea that Hamilton won’t win a single GP next year or the year after is utter nonsense, barring something exceptional happening, and we expect Lewis to at least match this record, if not beat it in the 2022/23 season.

Hamilton and Schumacher should both be in the history books alongside each other as the greatest to have ever sat in an F1 car.