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Lessons Learned From This Weekend's F1

This weekend saw the return of F1 again as Austria put on a spectacle for motorsports fans - there were lots of ups and downs and some surprising results, but there are some lessons that have been learned from this most recent event too - as the return of motorsports is now here, there are a number of upcoming races over the next few weekends to come, so what lessons have been learned in Austria, and what may change moving forward?

McLaren F1
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Early mistakes cost big - Typically early mistakes have their impact, but can be recovered from - especially mechanical errors. However, as the garages are running at a different capacity as social distancing measures are put in place, meaning that a small mistake early could mean a racer is out for the rest of the race as repairs are slower. Whilst this may change over the course of the season, early on it’s important to perhaps be a little safer. We saw this during the first race in Austria, there were 9 DNF’s over the course of the race, if this is a trend that continues throughout the next few races we could see a very different grid.

A harder time for punters - With racing come back, betting comes along with it. After a number of months away many are looking to scratch their betting itch again, despite some changes to regulation within the UK providing more authority to the gamestop scheme this list of sites has provided players with a number of different services to use - but predicting a winner may be a little more difficult. The time away from racing and the shake ups in the 2020 season may make it harder to predict a winner, and may cause for some upsets.

Other changes may be encouraged - Although we’ve seen the changes announced for the next few years that will be implemented gradually, there’s a chance that this period of time could see either further changes made or some of the announced changes put in place much sooner as an answer to some of the struggles teams are facing - although only time will tell here how strict current rulings are.

Next weekend we will see teams return to Austria once again as the Red Bull Ring will be the home for the next GP, whether or not we’ll see similar results is yet to be seen but fans are hoping that fewer DNF’s will occur and perhaps a little more competitive racing. It may take a little time for racers to get back into the swing of things after so much time away, but also that the challenges teams as a whole are experiencing can be overcome quickly. Either way, racing is back and it’s an exciting time for race fans and the season is just now only getting started once again, we have a packed few weekends ahead as the schedule has been accelerated to fit in all races, so there’s plenty of changes to be seen.