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Mille Miglia


Carlo Pintacuda


1937 Mille Miglia After the austerity of 1936, Italy was in a state of Fascist induced euphoria with it's victory in Ethiopia. The French perhaps wishing to improve relations with the temporarily ascendant Mussolini regime turned a blind eye if not actually encouraging the French firms Delahaye and Talbot to enter the race with works cars. Delahaye proved two cars for Dreyfus/Ghersi and Schell/Carriere while Talbot provide cars for Cattaneo/Lavegue and Comotti/Rosa.

Alfa Romeo entered a new 2300cc B model under the direct patronage of il Duce, being fitted with a elegant saloon body built by the coach builders Touring of Milan, famed for their Superleggera construction methods. The drivers listed on the entry form were Boratto/G. B. Guidotti. Baratto being none other than Mussolini's private chauffeur.

Pintacuda driving Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 - 1937 Mille MigliaThe Mille Miglia was contested in a deluge, and the French Delahaye cars of Dreyfus/Ghersi, and Schell/Carriere posed a significant threat to the Alfa team. The Alfas were similar to the 1936 entries, but now had 260 bhp and a top speed of over 130mph. Pintacuda who was the last to be sent away drove flat out from the start, and broke all existing records on the Brescia to Bologna stage averaging 107 mph in abominable conditions. Notably, he also led at Rome, breaking the long standing rule that "those who lead at Rome will not win the Mille Miglia." Dreyfus was gaining on Pintacuda, but left the road at Tolentino when he was temporarily blinded by flying mud.. Experiencing electrical problems, Carlo drove without lights, following his teammate Farina to the finish, winning his second great victory in the Mille Miglia joining Campari and Nuvolari as two-time winners.

Coming in fourth place was Mussolini's chauffeur who in this instance was the passenger during a brilliant drive by Guidotti, the famous Alfa Romeo collaudatori, or test driver who drove the entire race and who fulfilled his "patriotic duty" in allowing Boratto to garner all of the glory!


Cortese - 1937 Mille MigliaRene Dreyfus - 1937 Mille MigliaDelahaye - 1937 Mille Miglia1937 Mille Miglia

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1 Pintacuda - Mambelli
Winning Speed 71.71 mph
  Alfa Romeo   14h 17m 32s
2 Farina. - Meazza   Alfa Romeo   14h 35m 11s
3 Schell - Carriere   Delahaye   14h 54m 55s
4 Borato - Guidotti   Alfa Romeo   15h 40m 01s
5 'Ventidue' - 'Ventuno'   Alfa Romeo   16h 19m 45s
6 Cortese - Guatta   Alfa Romeo   16h 21m 20s
April 4-5, 1937
Starters: 124  Finishers: 65
* Ludovico Wild was known as "Ventuno" and Alessandro Wild as "Ventidue"