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  1921 When America won the Grand Prix
A.C.F. Grand Prix
by Peter de Paolo
  1929 A Great Irish Triumph
Tourist Trophy - Ards
by Hon. H.R.S. Birkin
  1933 The Race that was Rigged
Tripoli Grand Prix
by Alfred Neubauer
  1933 The Wizard with the Magnette
Tourist Trophy - Ards
by Richard Hough
  1934 Giants in the Ring
French Grand Prix
by Barré Lyndon
  1935 The Maestro and the Pechvogel
German Grand Prix
by Douglas S. Brown
  1935 Triumph: A Victor's Report
Tripoli Grand Prix
by Rudolf Caracciola
  1936 Nuvolari Gets his Revenge
Hungarian Grand Prix
by Dennis A. David
  1937 When the Germans came to Donington
Donington Grand Prix
by Rodney Walkerley
  1938 A Briton's Finest Hour
German Grand Prix
by Cyril Posthumus
  1951 My Greatest Race
British Grand Prix at Silverstone
by Froilan Gonzalez
  1953 The New Boy Makes Good
French Grand Prix
by Rodney Walkerley
  1955 Sensation at Syracuse
Syracuse Grand Prix
by Peter Lewis
  1965 My Greatest Race
Monaco Grand Prix
by Graham Hill
  1968 My Greatest Race
German Grand Prix
by Jackie Stewart
  1970 The Stuff of Champions
Monaco Grand Prix
by Dennis A. David
  1973 My Greatest Race
Argentine Grand Prix
by Emerson Fittipaldi
  1993 Racing returns to Donington
European Grand Prix
by Robert W. Butsch

Do you want to learn more about the great history of Grand Prix Racing? A good place to start is your local library, after that try one of the book sellers listed on the links page commercial. The following books have been used in creating this site:

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