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On the water with Mercedes Benz

Lürssen 6-meter REMSIt is not unusual for car companies to be involved in vehicles on the water. in 1886 Friedrich Lürssen of Fr. Lürssen Werft Boatbuilding company based in Aumund, a suburb of Bremen, Germany built what is considered the first successful motorboat together with the legendary engineers Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach who would establish the precursor to Mercedes Benz; Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft four years later!

The Daimler engine that powers it has a cylinder capacity of 0.462 liters, weighs 60 kilograms, and has an output 1.5 hp at 700 rpm. 

Lürssen- DaimlerIn 1907 Lürssen’s only son Otto joins the firm as a partner, trained as a shipbuilding engineer contributing far-reaching practical and theoretical knowledge. As a shipbuilding engineer, he combines tried and trusted craftsmanship with new technical expertise, improving on past methods.

Lürssen is rightly considered one of the pioneers of leisure yachts and motorboats. His boat, Donnerwetter, built-in 1905 was an early and successful speedboat, which started a series of successful races for the shipyard. Another true racer was the Saurer Lürssen of 1911 which, with the second generation Otto Lürssen at the helm, was able to win a string of trophies at the famous Prix de Monte Carlo.

Fiat 1100 Boat CarCar companies as varied as Rolls Royce, Lamborgini, Bugatti, and even Fiat have been involved in building motorboats.

In Fiat’s case, the 1110 boat car was actually a boat on wheels.

The 1100 Boat Car – equipped with teak flooring, portholes, and lifesaver – was not meant to be taken seriously. Built in 1953 by Carrozzeria Coriasco in Turin for the “Scarani” Nautical School in Bologna. It was meant to sail across the endless oceans of our imagination.


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Arrow 460 Granturismo

The current wave of super boats are often just meant to spice up car shows, or as marketing exercises with no more input from the car firm than color and trim. The Arrow 460 Granturismo is a 14-meter sports boat was designed by Mercedes-Benz Style at its Lake Como studios in Italy – under the direction of Daimler AG design supremo Gorden Wagener – at the behest of a UK registered start-up company called Silver Arrows Marine.

With offices in London and Monaco. The company is backed by an international cast of investors and its name harkens back to the famous racing Silver Arrows of the 1930s raced by Merceds as they competed with Auto Union(Audi) for the honor of Germany.

With 2 Yanmar 473bhp direct-injection diesel straight-6 engines the $2 million yacht began delivery in 2018.

Silver Arrows Marine’s plans call for a full range of body styles following the launch of the Arrow460-Granturismo a “convertible” which was recently followed by the Cabrio open-top boat. The company also confirms that an Arrow460-Limousine is being developed as a third model in the Arrow series.