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A Strange Weekend In Silverstone

The F1 is set to head back to the UK this weekend as Silverstone will be this weekend's race home, and it’s set to be a scorcher as temperatures in the UK and the rest of Europe are set to be very high, hopefully a stark difference from the vast amounts of rain that got the weekend in Hungary off to an interesting start - but it could be set to be a strange weekend for some as frontrunner Lewis Hamilton has suggested it could feel like a very different environment.

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The big difference is being noted as the crowd, or lack thereof - last year saw record breaking attendance as over 351,000 fans would find their way into stands over the weekend with 140,000 present on the Sunday and continues to be a huge part of the races in the UK particularly for drivers champion Hamilton. There are a lot of measures being put in place to ensure safety here though as F1 fans have been urged once again not to attend the event with circuit bosses putting measures in place - working with the police and putting roadblocks in place are just some of the measures used to ensure the security of the event.

Last year had seemed to be one huge party too - being the F1’s 1,007th race there had been a heavy Bond theme attached with the RedBull drivers having their tuxedo race suits to mark the occasion but this year it’ll just be the drivers and the teams, a quiet and sunny weekend will instead be the replacement - there could be some interesting changes seen on the way too as many paying attention will no doubt be fully aware of the controversy around Racing Point and their brake duct design, but it being unlikely that anything will come from the protests, a strong showing similar to Austria and Hungary could put Racing Point in very strong contention for taking some podiums this year.

Despite not being able to attend the event it should be fun for punters too, a nice warm weekend always opens up for some great racing and with only five points between the two Mercedes drivers there’s an opportunity for a small win here, despite a growing number of operators having to make adjustments to their platform this resource is great for finding both casinos and betting sites not on gamstop to get you ready for the race.

With seven races left in the season the opportunities for other drivers are starting to close and we could see another big Mercedes win, and with recent concerns that we could see a second outbreak of the coronavirus across Europe many are now hoping that the rest of the races set to take place throughout August and September won’t be disrupted, let’s just hope that the scorching thirty degree temperatures don’t make racing too difficult on the British tracks, and look forward to more of the same when the drivers head to Spain in a few weeks time.