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Lewis Hamilton Flies to Victory at The Tuscan Grand Prix to Claim His 90th Career Win

The Tuscan Grand Prix was certainly a race in this seasons calendar that will go down as one of the most eventful races of the year due to drama from start to finish from every end of the grid. With his win, Lewis went within one victory from Michael Schumacher’s record of 91 wins which he is expected to beat this year – a seriously impressive feat for the Mercedes driver. Tuscan Grand Prix

This race wasn’t as straight forward for the rest of the grid though with the race being stopped on the ninth lap due a scary four-car pile-up in which the Renault team accused the then leader of the race Valtteri Bottas of “wanting to kill” him at the safety car restart; something that the FIA didn’t investigate. Due to this pile up, the race was stopped to deal with all the debris left from the crash and therefore ensure that there was a 26-minute delay where the race was stopped altogether.

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This wasn’t the only time in which the safety car was deployed either, it had to come out on the first lap after just two corners when last week’s winner Pierre Gasly became the sandwich filler of the Kimi Raikkonen-Grosjean sandwich in which also picked up Max Verstappen in the carnage too as he was sliding back through the pack after losing power so early on.

Although this win was so impressive for Hamilton and his legacy, it was overshone by what proceeded at the ceremony at the end in which Hamilton wore a t-shirt for the Black Lives Matter protests in which he showed his support towards Breonna Taylor who he says was brutally shot for no reason in her own home by police officers for no reason. Due to Hamilton wearing this top, it has led to the FIA investigating him due to anti-racism issues.