What is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise content management systems combine a wide variety of technologies and components. The five ECM components and technologies of the ECM model were first defined by [[AIIM]] as follows:

  • Capture
  • Manage
  • Store
  • Preserve
  • Deliver

Enterprise Content Management is an amalgamation of nine discreet but interrelated applications:

Document Management – functions that manage the complete life cycle of any office documents, from collaborative authoring to archival and disposal.

Web Content Management – functions that facilitate the creation, maintenance and enhancement of web sites, intranets and extranets by non-technical authors. Often these functions include template based and in-context authoring tools.

Records Management – functions for managing the long-term retention, disposition policies and ultimate disposal of corporate records.

Document Capture – functions for scanning, indexing, retrieving, processing and archiving digital images of paper documents, such as invoices, customer letters, engineering drawings and photographs.

Collaborative Content Management – Software that allows several individuals, departments or external groups to share responsibility for the creation, access and communication of content used within team or work group environments.

Workflow (or Business Process Management (BPM)) – functions that define and control the flow of content needed to support a series of business activities directed at achieving a defined business objective or goal.

Information Portals – functions that provide easy screen access to common information and applications used by discreet target groups of users.

Personalisation – functions that allow customers, suppliers, business partners and staff to access specific information relevant to their individual interests and presented in their preferred individual format.

Digital Asset Management – functions that control the ingestion, indexing, transfomation and distribution of rich media. Tools are included to storyboard, thumbnail and transcode content as well as manage devices.