Northern California Scale Racing Association

The slot car craze lasted only a few years and by 1973 most of the 3000 commercial raceways were gone. Only a small number of raceways with dedicated owners and customers continued on. The slot car wave that had swept over the United States was no more and the hobby entered what was known as its dark ages.


There have been several small revivals but nothing quite like the 60's will ever be seen again. But the story does not end here, slot cars did not die they just went underground or more accurately back into living rooms, basements and club houses where it had all started. What interest that existed in slot cars by the general public was now concentrated on HO and to a lesser extent, at least in the United States, 1/32 scale cars. Jim Russell of Russkit fame had dissolved his company and gone on to work for Aurora where he spearheaded a team of racers that included John Cukras who introduced the G-Plus and Super G-Plus HO cars that revolutionized the smaller scale. In 1/32 scale, Scalextric continued to produce home racing sets and cars and the early 1990s slot cars saw the beginning of a revival, particularly in home set racing, thanks mainly to a new Spanish manufacturer, Ninco, who began producing cars and later sets of far superior quality than Scalextric’s offerings at the time, which had started to take on a ‘toy-ish’ feel.


By the mid 1990s another Spanish manufacturer, Fly Model Car, upped the game even further when they introduced cars with an exceptional level of detail. The hobby is currently experiencing good solid growth, with Scalextric again producing top quality and innovative products, along with, NSR, Carrera, SCX, Ninco and a host of others mostly based in Span and Italy.


Today, amongst the fog-shrouded hills of the San Francisco Bay Area and just beyond it’s Golden Gate there exists a small group of dedicated enthusiasts that race 1/32 scale electric model cars. These plastic or resin clad race cars represent the great marques that competed on the world stage … down the Mulsanne Straight, through Eau Rouge and along the Mille Miglia. The cars are driven au natural (without magnets) on routed wood and plastic sectional track under analog or digital control. Join this group and see what the fun is all about!


Our Mission

To have fun

Providing a place for friendly competition racing our 1/32 Scale Electric model cars.



Hard-Body Scale Cars

Bodies are mostly made of plastic or resin and adhere to a scale appearence as much as practically possible.


We race cars based upon models from But not limited to the following manufacturers.