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The Rolex 2.4 Hours of Danville - 2 February 2013
Boopiejones Motorsport Park

Mill Vally Invitational - 23 February 2013
Carter Raceway

Sebring 1.2 Hours - 30 March 2013
Montclair Raceway

Red Hill Can-Am - 20 April 2013
Redhill Raceway

American LeMans Series (Road Trip) - 11 May 2013
Laguna Seca

Grand Prix de Novato - 25 May 2013
Black Point Raceway

2.4 Hours of Novato - 22 June 2013
Black Point Raceway

Tourist Trophy - 21 September 2013
Black Point Raceway

Turkey Trophy - 30 November 2013
Black Point Raceway


Moments ...

in Slot Car History

In late 1962 or early 1963 American Model Car Raceways out of Burbank, California was formed and soon business was booming designing and manufacturing 8-lane commercial tracks that were sold to too eager raceways all over the globe. Each of their layout designs were assigned a particular color - Red, Yellow, Green, Black, Orange, Purple, and finally Blue and though they also had names such as Monarch, Sovereign and King the name and color became synonymous and anyone who raced regularly knew what the track was by naming either.