The Rolex 2.4 Hours of Danville - 2 February 2013
Boopiejones Motorsport Park

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in Slot Car History

Henry Baigent developed a new centrally positioned monorail system using 5/16ths to 1/4 inch tubing supported on thin pillars. Cars would straddle the rail through the use of three or four wheeled spool-shaped appendages known as 'zonkers'. Patents were applied for in 1950. Baigent's system proved popular and several tracks were made using this configuration. Baigent applied for a patent and formed a company called Henri Baigent Ltd. A public demonstration of his invention occurred on August 22nd 1951 at the Model Engineer Exhibition, Westminster. This would prove to be a seminal event in the history of slot cars as the diesel racecars speeding along the large figure-eight was the hit of the show.