NCSRA publishes a calendar of races and test sessions scheduled throughout the year. Races are open to members and guests. To see the latest calendar click here.

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Races are run on members tracks at their individual homes which are either wood routed or plastic sectional. Most races are run using cars without magnets.

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NCSRA conducts several annual series that follow set class rules. In addition we race at invitationals which have rules set by the individual track owners.

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Thrills and spills - Results and pictures from our previous races. Don't miss out on all of the fun!

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On Racing ...

"Flat-out, I yust love to drive flat-out"
Ronnie Peterson discussing his race "strategy"
"Whenever I think of him today, I feel myself smiling. He was so full of life, almost bursting. We were astounded by him as a driver and loved him as a man."
René Dreyfus on Tazio Nuvolari