The Rolex 2.4 Hours of Danville - 2 February 2013


1st: NSR P68 driven by Max, Evan and Mike - 761 laps
2nd: Ford GT40 MKII driven by Steve W, Dave Y and Tim - 707 laps
3rd: Fly Porsche Carrera 6 driven by Dennis and Hollywood Dave - 705 laps
4rd: NSR Ford GT MKIV driven by Steve C, Stevie U and Glen - 675 laps



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in Slot Car History

Strombeck-Becker from Moline, Illinois, started by Swedish immigrants as recycler of scrap wood. In 1922 they started to produce wooden toys. In 1961 Dowst acquired the hobby division of Strombeck-Becker, hired 14 designers, and retooled its factory to facilitate production of car-and-track sets. The first model of Strombecker was a modified version of the battery-powered Maserati 250F.


Strombecker sold its cars in kit form and ready-to-race models. RTR models were also offered in sets. Sales of the toys, which were marketed under the name Strombecker, jumped from 20,000 to 500,000 sets by 1963. With the cars now comprising the firm's main source of revenue, Dowst Manufacturing changed its name to Strombecker Corporation. Originally the company offered two scales, 1/24 and 1/32. The production of the 1/24-scale models was ceased in 1964 and the company concentrated on the 1/32 home market becoming Scalextric's main