Al Penrose has been a scratch builder of slot cars since 1959. Over the years he has always made up the odd set of wheels for some car he was making when the proper ones were not available or to his liking. With the resurgence of 1/32 home set scale racing, brought about by companies such as Fly and to a lesser extent Ninco, he became more active in the commercial aspects of the hobby including owning a raceway. These beautiful new cars from Italy, Spain and the UK had one major weakness, their often non-concentric plastic wheels. Although some manufacturers such as the Italian company began to produce metal wheels, no company as yet produced the high quality scale wheels that met Al's critical standards and so BWA was born.


Brent Carlson has had a life long interest in electronics and when he took up the hobby of slot cars his attention naturally gravitated to the electronic side of the hobby and in particular timing interfaces and driver stations. Looking at light bridges he saw that the heat could deform plastic track and be a fire hazard as well so he worked to make something better. This resulted in his own line of sensor tracks.

Some enthusiast specialize in collecting, others in scratch building but few, like my friend Rand specialize in track design. Whether you wish to reproduce an existing track or fit a particular space I'm sure he has a track design for you. Just in case you don't find what you are looking for drop him an email and he'll be more that glad to help you design one. Rand concentrates on working with plastic track which is what most of us still use. Please visit his web site at: http://UX5490.US
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