Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Motive Power - Electric loco of the DB, class 194

During the thirties of the 20th century, the development of the electric loco made several large strides, in particular, with the new classes E 18, E 44 and E 93 modern locomotives were now available which were powerful and yet low-maintenance. The more powerful version of the E 93, represents one of the most famous locos of the German electric loco history – the E 94 was born. As opposed to the most famous E 93, the new loco was required to produce a top speed of 90 km/h at the same rate of perfomance. This meant an overall improvement of 30 per cent increased motive power would be necessary. On the 22nd November 1937, the makers AEG received a development and delivery contract for the newly titled E 94 loco from the Reichsbahn, to be made to fulfil the following running programme: 600 t at 50 km/h on a 25 Promille gradient • 1.000 t at 50 km/h on a 16 Promille gradient • 1.600 t at 40 km/h on a 10 Promille gradient and 2000 t at 85 km/h on the flat. Because of its top speed of 90 km/h the loco could be used on many more duties, thus permitting its use on express trains and fast goods as well as its basic duty of heavy goods hauage. July 1988 saw the DB getting rid of the last German "crocodile" (now: BR 194) whereas the DR (East) their service was ended at the end of 1991.


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