Sunday, October 09, 2005

Train Room

If you happen to peruse any issue of Model Railroader or similiar magazine you're greeted with featured layouts belonging to lucky modelers from various parts of the country often with one very important thing in common, a large basement. This is something not often found in modern houses built in Northern California. Here you are more likely to see part of a garage that has been converted into a train room. Neither option was open to me and having been given my allotment of personal space which became a library that left me little choice for a location for my future pike. For the last few years I thought my dream would have to wait until which time I could afford a vacation house. One day while sitting in my library the thought came to me that I could build a decent layout on top of one of my bookcase as long as the blinds stayed closed and the sun wasn't allowed to melt all of my buildings. With this small caveat in hand I struck out to design my modellbahn. The following pictures show the state of my library a couple of years ago. Since then I have added more books as well as bookcase but still there is a location next to the window where I plan on building my layout.


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