Monday, October 03, 2005


Welcome to Schwarzburg Modellbahn, an N Scale digital layout based on a medium sized town in Southern Germany. The actual layout is located in Union City, California. Why model German prototype you may ask? The short answer is that after living in Germany for four years courtesy of the United States Army I developed a deep affection for all things German, particularly their model railroads. So when I decided to build my own layout it wasn't a question of what I would model but rather what scale would I select. Because of my limited space the choice was between N or Z. While I love Marklin I didn't want to limit myself to one company and when I first started with N there was Arnold, Roco, Fleischmann and Minitrix. Unfortunately that selection has shrunk to Fleischmann and Minitrix. The space I mentioned is in my library on top of one of my bookcases. The dimensions of the layout is approximately 30" X 90" in the shape of a dog bone, the narrowest part being 15". Control is supplied by Fleischmann's Twin-Centre DCC system with some Viessmann and Uhlenbrock thrown in for good measure. The current status of my layout is that I have purchased most of the track and associated components and will shortly commence on the building of the benchwork that will be placed on top of the bookshelf.


Doug said...

Interesting project. I look forward to updates.

9:41 AM  
marco de michiel said...

of great interest as I too have limited space. Would you be willing to send me a track plan? my address

thank you

9:47 PM  
Bill Baar said...

Hi...I worked in Germany too and got hooked on European trains.

I'll add you to my blogroll...not many railroad bloggers.

6:02 PM  
John Burton said...

Just came across this interesting site. Good show, all of it.
Thu Nov 30th 2006 - 23:25EST

8:25 PM  

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