Thursday, June 22, 2006

Initial Progress on the Schwarzburg Modelleisenbahn

Initial images from the Schwarzburg Modelleisenbahn may have no relation to the final layout but I really feel that I am getting close except for that nasty bit in the left corner where I could use an extra 4 feet! 
Schwarzburg Modelleisenbahn Schwarzburg Modelleisenbahn Schwarzburg Modelleisenbahn Schwarzburg Modelleisenbahn Schwarzburg Modelleisenbahn Schwarzburg Modelleisenbahn

Union City, California (USA) June 21st 2006 – It's over 90 degrees outside and why I'm taking pictures of my layout I'll never know. What you see in these first images is my layout placed directly on top of the bookcases while I am still in the design stage. There is a frame that will float on top of the bookcases that still needs a plywood cover. As you can see the layout is in my library which still needs a few bookcases to be complete. In the foreground there is the turntable that will feed a 16 locomotive roundhouse. The one building you see will be replaced by a larger structure that will serve as the locomotive shop for more complicated maintenance. Directly to the left are service tracks that will contain a coal bunker, sand tower, ash pits, water tower, crane and anything else I can cram in there. To the right will be one RIP track for boiler servicing.

The yard itself has a passenger section in the back and freight tracks in the front. The baseboard will have another 6-8 inches of depth for the station, maybe another platform and building facades. The back corner (one the left in some pictures) will have one more bookcase to support an extension similar to that which supports the roundhouse but offset 15 inches to the rear. On that section will be built my walled town topped with a church that will hold my cremated remains if my wife ever found out how much I've spent so far.

If you look closely in the back corner you can see one of the frames for the baseboard. I'll be working on that section next. After some going back and forth and measuring inclines it looks like I will be using the crossovers.


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