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Slot Car Gallery



Car Model - was the first American magazine to cover slot cars on a regular basis. Beginning on July 1962 as a bi-monthly it was published by Bob MacLeod and Oscar Koveleski of Auto World fame. On September 1963 the magazine switched to a monthly. Originally conceived as a magazine focusing on the building of plastic model cars it rode the wave of the first slot car craze until it's demise in July of 1974 long after the wave had ended. Reading this magazine will give you some indication of how popular slot cars were in their heyday.

Model Car Science and Model Car & Track - both magazines started the following year hoping to cash in on the slot car craze that was sweeping the country. Both published monthly through several boom years, until the first of a series of industry busts occurred. Model Car Science continued in one form or another until 1972.

Model Cars - In April 1964, the long running British magazine, Model Maker was renamed Model Cars and through the work of its editorial director D.J Laidlaw-Dickson continued to be a sought after source during the boom years of Slot Racing. In of 1969, a rival magazine Miniature Auto was incorporated into Model Cars and in 1973, Model Cars was renamed Scale Modeler, but only lasted 11 more issues.